America is at a tipping point. For far too long, politicians have kicked the can down the road without regard for future generations. Our country can no longer afford such reckless leadership. Today, America is over 15.6 trillion dollars in debt with deficits as far as the eye can see. Taxes are going up, the dollar is losing value and unemployment continues to worsen. All of this is happening while politicians in Washington continue to recklessly spend taxpayer dollars. As Patriots, we have a duty to stop the dangerous politics as usual!

When the dollar loses its status as the world's reserve currency, will you get involved? When interest rates soar and inflation is running rampant, will you get involved? When taxes are raised to the sky high rates of Europe to fund the entitlement crisis, will you get involved? Or maybe you will get involved when unemployment is worse than anytime in history?
There is still a chance to restore liberty and freedom in America. By sending principled fiscal conservatives to Washington, we can change policy. Together, we can defeat the problematic politicians that violate their Constitutional obligations and grow government. With a grassroots army and a message that resonates with mainstream Americans, Patriots for Economic Freedom can force politicians to listen.
No longer will politicians carelessly cave into special interests without fearing repercussions. Citizens are uniting and becoming a potent lobbying force. While big labor, Wall Street and other special interests have dominated the debate for years, Patriots for Economic Freedom serves as the "citizen lobbyist" for mainstream Americans fed up with out of control spending. We may not have billions of dollars on our side but we do have a powerful army of people. Together, our presence is stronger than any lobbyist or special interest. We can do this! We can take our country back!

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